Kingdom Game 4.0 brings a brand - new solution to Blockchain Gamers

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NFT Marketplace

Live Streaming

DeFi Space


  • KingdomStarter was designed to enable the most promising projects a platform to propel their products and kickstart their ideas.
  • Besides, it gives investors an opportunity to have early notice of the budding projects and access to vetted token sales at an early stage.
  • The projects to be launched on KingdomStarter are those carefully-selected and vetted projects that either are incubated or partnered with Kingdom Game 4.0.
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Kinglive NFT Streaming

Kinglive NFT Streaming platform is a huge channel to help game producer, streamer and player to expand games contents. In addition to the usual livestream feature, Kinglive can also upload videos very conveniently. Besides, this is also the first livestream platform for NFT gaming and artworks.

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Livestream Donating NFT trading, bidding Watch & Earn

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace Has Really Grown And Has Its Own Place. So Are You Expecting The Upcoming Launch Of NFT Marketplace In Kinglive NFT Streaming Platform?

  • Create your digital artworks and collectibles
  • Watch more works, that is trendy
  • NFT Bidding, NFT donating and earn money
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NFT Marketplace Auction for
the Artworks you love
Create your Artworks
by Mint NFT


Kingdom Game Hub Gives Game Developers The Opportunity To Bring Their Products To The Public As Well As Giving Players The Maximum Selection Of Exciting NFT Games.

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Game developer

  • Get crowdfunding for game development
  • Easily promote the game online and offline
  • Access the brand new blockchain payment platform
  • Release games at low costs and high efficiency
  • Keep user rentention


  • Play games on diverse game ecosystems
  • Have access to attractive referral programs
  • Earn stable income
  • Get prompt support from the game platforms
  • Integrate digital wallets into payment


Sharing Economic Model

Game developers, agents, and players play an important role as tripods are mutually reinforcing in this economic model. Game developers use the platform and blockchain-based solutions built by KDG, with which agents and gamers can generate their income through watching and playing incentive in the KDG ecosystem.

Watch & Earn

By watching and using the Kinglive platform, you will be earning a cryptocurrency called KDG for free! You can use this KDG to support streamers on Kinglive Streaming platform through donations and subscriptions. This will help connect and create more value among users.

NFT Marketplace

The Kingdom Game NFT marketplace where features digital artworks and collectibles for streamers, players and users. Kingdom Game NFT marketplace provides the highest liquidity platform for users to donate, trade or auction NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

Video Streaming and NFT donation

Reach game blockchain player in real time, whether you're live streaming a in game events or battle. Kinglive NFT streaming gives you a way to connect with all players and game producer, customers, and community. In addition, you can donate your favorite Streamer or Player with NFT Gifts, easily trade on Kingdom Game NFT Marketplace.

Build Game

Developers can receive funding through the Game Hub portal developed by KDG. KDG will allow game developers to use the payment, marketing and distribution platforms built by KDG, and be able to invest in the games developers are developing.

Blockchain-based Payment Solution

Kingdom Game 4.0 releases the platform-specific digital currency KDG. NFT transactions apply blockchain technology and are exchanged in the form of KDG tokens. Players use KDG to purchase NFT Gifts, subscription, pay auction fee or use other in-game services in a transparent and secure manner.



  • Released Kingdom Game 4.0 Platform
  • Introduced KDG platform and Whitepaper
  • Completed Smart Contract Audit


  • Kingdom Game 4.0 Binance Smart Chain integration
  • Released Kinglive Streaming Ver.1
  • Game Hub Release


  • Released KingdomStarter - The enhanced IGO launchpad
  • Game Hub and NFT Game blockchain integration
  • Released Kingdom Game 4.0 NFT marketplace
  • Released Livestreaming Platform for Gamefi and Meta


  • Continue developing livestream ver2
  • Launching Referral Program
  • Increasing KOLS media partners
  • Update the Security IDO platform


  • Cross-chain Ethereum, Polygon
  • UX/UI Ideals phase IDO new version
  • UX/UI Ideals phase INO new version
  • Staking update


  • Launchpad version 2
  • Update new UI
  • Update new features
  • Game hub update
  • INO platform release


  • INO platform upgrade
  • Airdrop channel update
  • Game hub Upgrade
  • Update livestream features
  • Voting page


  • KDG game release
  • Security system upgrade


  • Livestream platform release

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